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Dinesh Kithany
Founder & Chief Analyst,Wireless Power & Power Supplies

We are your Trusted Advisors and Strategic Business Partners

Wireless Power / Wireless Charging

Wireless power is a rapidly emerging technology quickly gaining adoption across wider applications and industry sectors.

We provide the most comprehensive data and insights on the wireless power market covering various technology solutions and applications across industry sectors.

Our research is backed by the knowledge and expertise of our highly respected, trustworthy, and networked SME (subject matter expert) in the industry.

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Power Supply

The maturepower supply market is going through continuous advancement and technology development.

We provide themost comprehensive coverage and detailed assessment of the key product segments of the power supply market, with splits by various industries and application sectors.

Optimize your supply chain, and competitive position with critical market data and intelligence as well as strategic inputs from our highly respected, trustworthy, and networked SME (subject matter expert) in the industry.

EV Charging Infrastructure

While the automotive industry takes a more electric approach, the EV charging infrastructure market is trying to keep pace.

With the growing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and the expected increase in infrastructure investments, EV charging infrastructure market is going to play a key role in the development of our Smart Building, Smart Cities ecosystem.

Our teams at WAWT provide timely assistance to our clients in making technologically sound and financially beneficial investment decisions.

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We have a multitude of syndicated and customized solutions to pick from. Considering your specific research and business needs our SMEs have built fulfilling solutions incorporating:

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Our Tailormade Solutions

We have a multitude of syndicated and customized solutions to pick from. Considering your specific research and business needs our SMEs have built fulfilling solutions incorporating: Research Data & Analysis Intelligence Service Strategic Advisory and Consultancy Services Interactive Services – Events, Webinars & Workshops Bespoke solutions

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    Why Choose WAWT?

    We are your Trusted Advisors and Strategic Business Partners

    We are Thought Leaders in our market industry and our insights add immense values to our clients. Our solutions and our 3i research based approach is used to provide strategic guidance across various wired and wireless technology markets with our extensive market coverage. Our SMEs often operate as Trusted Advisors to our clients and act as Strategic Business Partners to help them maximize their growth and succeed.

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    About Our Founder

    Chief Analyst, Wireless Power & Power Supplies

    Dinesh Kithany

    Dinesh, a well-established and well-networked, industry expert, offers 27+ years of experience providing high-level insights and strategic advice to companies across sectors and the profile of companies. Over the past 12 years, he has worked across various technology sectors, including wireless power and power supplies. It’s safe to say, he is passionate about research.

    Before WAWT, he was a lead industry analyst covering wireless power and the power supply industry working with Informa/Omdia and IHS Markit. He is one of the most sought-after analysts in the industry today.

    Dinesh helps businesses grow at an extraordinary pace with his expertise. He is widely recognized as a key industry thought leader and is a regular invitee to key industry conferences, trade shows, and events worldwide. These include CES, IFA, PCIM, Electronica, CABA, ITRI, WPC, NFC Forum, AirFuel Alliance.

    Dinesh also has expertise in the smart home and home appliance market and other key technology markets such as service robots and drones, wired interface market, smart connectivity, semiconductor market, and other consumer electronics markets.

    Beyond technology sector, Dinesh has worked in various global consumer market research, advertising, and media agencies. He provides strong strategic advice to companies in their respective industries.

    He likes traveling and meeting people of various cultures, having moved around and worked in countries across regions including India, the Middle East, Africa, and the UK.

    He calls himself a vagabond, and loves watching and playing cricket and golf.

    He is passionate about research, intuitive by nature, a true entrepreneur with strong commercial acumen, and an opportunist. With his ‘Can-do attitude he believes “There should never be ‘Plan B’. If so, it should be to make ‘Plan A’ workable”.

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    Most common Questions about the industry

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    Has wireless power technology really been invented?

    Yes, wireless power transmission has been invented. It uses electromagnetic fields to transfer power without the need for physical wires and cables. This technology is already in use to wirelessly charge devices such as electric toothbrushes, smartphones smartwatches, and medical devices as well as high-power applications like wirelessly charging electric vehicles, AGVs/AMRs. Researchers are continuously working towards improving the power levels and energy efficiency and reducing distance limitations.

    Can we wirelessly power devices from long distances like we connect via WiFi?

    Yes, one can wirelessly power/charge devices from long distances just as we connect via WiFi. Such technology was invented more than 100 years ago. Few types of long distance wireless power technologies include RF-based (Radio frequency); Infrared-based; Ultrasonic-based; mmWave-based (millimeter wave), Solar-power from Space, and others. Applications under consideration include low-power devices (IoT sensors, Electric-Shelf Labels, wearables) to medium/ high-power applications like consumer and medical devices. telecom base stations, satellites, and many others.

    Does wireless power technology work on a single or different frequency levels?

    Yes, there are various types of wireless power technologies differing based on the frequency levels. We have low-frequency (induction and resonance)-based solutions (using 25kHz-330kHz), high-frequency (resonance and NFC)-based solutions (using 6.78MHz-13.56MHz), and then ultra-high-frequency (RF, Infrared, Ultrasonic, mmWave)-based solutions (using 900MHz, 2.6GHz, 5.8GHz and higher). Each of these solutions, with its pros and cons, has its characteristics catering towards relevant application markets.

    How do you optimize power supply efficiency across different applications?

    Efficiency optimization in power supply across varied applications involves selecting high-efficiency components, utilizing advanced topologies like resonant converters, and implementing dynamic power management. Minimizing resistive losses through effective layout design, leveraging feedback control, and incorporating energy-efficient materials further contribute to enhancing overall efficiency.

    Any emerging technologies or trends you anticipate in power supply design over the next few years

    They would include the integration of wide-bandgap semiconductors for enhanced efficiency, the rise of digital power control and management systems for increased flexibility and adaptability, as well as the continued development of wireless power transfer technologies. Additionally, advancements in energy storage solutions and increased emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable power supply designs are expected to shape the future landscape of power electronics.