Renesas Electronics, a leading advanced semiconductor solutions provider has introduced the world’s first 60W wireless power receiver. Its P9418 is a highly-integrated wireless power transceiver (TRx) that aims to deliver the fastest wireless charging experience for consumer portable devices such as smartphones, laptops and notebooks.

Considering the expected growth in adoption of wireless power technology beyond smartphones, it is the apt solution which would not only enable ‘fast’ wireless charging of smartphones to upto 60W which is the latest trend for flagship models, but would also drive the adoption of this technology across for other emerging consumer applications such as tablets, notebooks and laptops. This new P9418 also delivers advanced telemetry and proprietary wireless charging protocols required for other wider high-power battery-applications.

As per WAWT’s Wireless Power Intelligence Service, in the years 2021-22, the wireless power market is expected to witness adoption extending to other consumer and computing devices needing such high-power wireless charging solution, which would also diminish the current demarcation between low power and medium power solutions and standards, creating an opportunity to enhance interoperability across wider applications with such single-solution.