The world’s biggest consumer electronics ‘technology’ trade show, CES 2022, wrapped up in Las Vegas over the last weekend showcasing strides in technology development. As we endure COVID protocols, attendance barely rose to 45,000 from the 40,000 attendees last year. However, spirit remained strong as ever with several vendors showcasing a strong display of innovative products and solutions. Many of those who attended the show in person had a great experience and found this to be their best-ever CES, as they got to spend more quality time with industry associates and get the most from this otherwise crowded jam-packed show. While going through this insight report, you will be amazed how busy and engaged was the wireless power industry with players announcing new technologies, partnerships, and product launches.


(WAWT) would first like to specially thank Gary Shapiro (President, CTA and CEO, CES) and his team for all the efforts, with splendid commitment and successful delivery of a grand CES 2022 in current tough and challenging times. Keynote from Gary and CES EVP Karen Chupka was a great summation on the technology and a powerful start to the event.


This CES 2022 insight report from Wired and Wireless Technology (WAWT) not only focuses on innovations related to the wireless power technology, but also outlines trends across wider technology sectors as well as key application markets that have an impact on the wireless power market. (WAWT) offers insights and key information around CES 2022 through its comprehensive research conducted across the value chain to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest technologies.


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    1. Distance wireless charging technology takes the limelight

2021 seemed to be a breakthrough year for ‘distance’ wireless charging technology, following key announcements related to technology advancement, regulatory approvals and a few product launches. The momentum is expected to continue in 2022 triggered by some announcements and award winning around CES 2022, some listed below.

      • CES 2022 started with a bang for wireless power. Samsung’s introduced its eco-friendly and sustainable Eco Remote …..
      • US Air Force Research Laboratory announced its pledge to solar energy as it migrates into a carbon negative future.
      • Energous, Ossia, Powercast, Wi-Charge and GuRu Wireless all showcased their respective ‘distance’ wireless charging technologies used to keep consumer devices, industrial IoT devices, supermarket shelves (retail) and other products continuously charged without the use of cables or charging pads.
      • Energous displayed their ‘over the air’ RF-based wireless charging solutions for IoT devices with partners including Williot, Juniper Networks, Syntiant, e-peas, Atmosic Technologies, EarTechnic and Gokhale Method. It also received the ‘IoT Alliance of the Year’ award at the IoT Breakthrough Awards alongside e-peas.
      • e-peas showed off an autonomous surveillance system powered by RF-based energy harvesting technology.
      • Ossia and ARCHOS, partnered to bring wirelessly powered IoT products to the consumers using its RF-based solution, which won an innovation award at CES 2022.
      • Powercast announced a series of new, battery-less products powered using the company’s signature RF-based over-the-air wireless power technology.
      • Wi-Charge received the CES 2022 Innovation award for the world’s first wirelessly powered electric toothbrush charger supported by distance charging solution.
      • Wi-Charge also presented its Wi-Spot, the first completely wireless digital shelf talker which enjoys the function of both wireless power and wireless connectivity……
      • Nimbus Wireless, showcased its unique industry-scale ‘powering with light’ distance wireless charging solution which uses a Lightning port @ CES 2022…..
      • UltraPower, who couldn’t attend the show, was promoting its Ultrasound PowerTMDelivery (UPD) based revolutionary technique which uses acoustic energy to safely power, charge, or transfer data……


2. NFC Wireless Charging technology geared up to move mainstream.

Emerging NFC ‘wireless’ charging technology, governed by the NFC Forum, is rapidly gaining ground across ‘small battery-powered’ devices. While NuCurrent, Panthronics as well as Lapis (owned by ROHM) have been early entrants, WAWT expects this segment would see growth in adoption across a wide range of applications, as well as entry of many new players in the coming quarters.

      • Murata was another player to introduce and develop wireless power transfer technology for use with NFC reader terminals and fingerprint authentication cards.
      • NuCurrent continues to display boundless capability as it showcased 12 SKUs in mass production across 5 product categories using Qi, Proprietary Low-Frequency and NFC Charging technology.
        • NuCurrent demonstrated 2W of wireless power using NFC charging with data rates up to 848K.
      • Panthronics won the CES 2022 innovation award for its NFC charging solution in the ‘embedded technologies’ category. It also announced that its PTX100W enables reliable NFC charging of a new and smaller version of Prevent Biometrics impact-sensing mouthguard.


3. Existing and new wireless power technologies continue to advance


4. The automotive industry gears up with wireless power technology

Based on WAWT’s latest research, the automotive ‘in-cabin’ charging market is expected to show robust growth in next 2-3 years, following the recent launch of the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi 1.3v specification…….

This automotive ‘in-cabin’ market is not only expected to see many new players introducing differentiated and innovative solutions using Qi-based solutions, but also the introduction of new and ‘also hybrid- multi-mode’ solutions in coming years. Integration of wireless power with other technologies within the automotive sector would be the key to success……

      • Yank Technologies showcased their developments incorporating long-range, high-power wireless charging technology into the next generation of automotive interiors at CES 2022. …..
      • Aira Inc. unveiled its innovative FreePower ‘free-positioning, multi-device’ wireless charging solution for automotive sector. This second-generation technology which won the CES 2022 innovation award in the Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation category allows for wireless charging solutions for all automakers and OEMs to build into vehicles of all shapes and sizes. The free positioning, multi-device transmitter technology can wirelessly charge up to 15W on 15W enabled Samsung devices through Samsung Fast Charge and Qi Extended Power Profile (EPP). Unfortunately for iPhone 12 and 13 users, enabled with Apple’s proprietary MagSafe technology, the wireless charging is limited to just 7.5W.


Further triggered by the growth in adoption of electric vehicles, the Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) market is set to see growth in adoption.

      • Momentum Dynamics is picking up traction with its innovative inductive ‘wireless’ charging solution.
      • Wireless charging is also taking the Kansas City Airport by storm with Momentum Dynamics installed for buses within the new terminal opening in early 2023.
      • gy conducts a public trial of its innovative Wireless EV Charging (WEVC) technology solution.
      • Holcim and MAGMENT have partnered to introduce inductive wireless charging technology for electric vehicles that minimize the need for charging stations, saving time. It is currently being tested at Purdue University in Indiana…….
      • WAVE, the developer of high power wireless inductive charging solutions for medium and heavy-duty type electric vehicles announced its extended partnership with Sourcewell ……


5. Trends across key application markets impacting the wireless power market

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6. Trends across wider technology sectors

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7. WAWT’s list of favorite concepts and products at CES 2022 (not in any order)

i. Samsung Eco-Remote

ii. Samsung’s tri-fold devices.

iii. Lenova ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 laptop with a secondary screen

iv. Asus unveils the world’s first foldable laptop, Zenbook 17 Fold OLED

v. BMW iX Flow with ‘E-Ink’ changing colour

vi. Eco-friendly RainStick Shower, saving water and energy.

vii. Samsung Odyssey Ark monitor


8. Lastly, listing of some unconventional technologies spotted at CES 2022.


The above list is a representative ‘and not an exclusive and complete’ list of recent trends and insights on related technology market, and the items are not listed in any order. For full detailed insight report, and more information around the latest in market trends please contact our subject matter expert, Founder and Chief Analyst of Wired and Wireless Technology (WAWT) at or write to us at WAWT.


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