Wireless power technology continues to gain awareness, popularity and adoption across industry sectors and application markets. Based on Wired and Wireless Technologies (WAWT)s most comprehensive research in the wireless power market, more than 8 billion units of wireless power receivers and transmitters will be shipped in the next five years. The adoption of the wireless power market is expected to gradually grow beyond smartphones to other consumer, medical, industrial, retail, automotive and infrastructure sectors, across various product categories.

Out of these 8 billion expected shipments, around 6 billion are expected to be of the wireless power receiver units and around 2 billion wireless transmitter units. These insights are based on the wide scope and coverage of the wireless power market including 30+ applications across sectors, assessing various wireless power technology solutions, be it low or high or ultra high frequency solutions, or from power class perspective across very low (<1W) to very high power class (>22 kW) solutions.

Currently smartphones, electric toothbrushes and smartwatches are the top three application markets adopting wireless power solutions. Aside from these applications, the adoption in the next five years is expected to be witnessed across devices within the other consumer, wearables, industrial, retail, medical, automotive as well as micro-mobility devices. Please be free to contact WAWT for more application and device specific growth markets information.

From technology perspective, while Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)’s low frequency-based inductive technology (Qi) leads the market with more than billion devices also installed with its wireless power industry standard solution, WAWT expects the growth of wireless power across wider profile of applications to provide growth opportunities for other technology solution, be it low and high frequency resonance, high frequency NFC charging as well as ultra-frequency RF and Infra-red based distance wireless charging solutions. And in longer terms, few applications would adopt hybrid and multi-frequency solutions.

As current wireless power technology solutions advances, with other new ones being developed and introduced in the market, the adoption is set to grow across a wide range of application market and industry sectors. The wireless power market is expected to see many new players entering the market with some focusing on few applications markets, some with a specific technology solution catering to wider range and some potential bigger players  focussing across technologies. Though still at its nascent stage of adoption, the wireless power market is expected to consolidate in coming years, with some players exiting the market, while others partnering and merging with each other or acquiring them.

To summarise, based on WAWT’s Wireless Power Intelligence Service, while more than 8 billion units of wireless power receiver and transmitters are expected to be shipped in the next five years, the forecast would grow to more than 30 billion wireless power receivers and transmitters by 2030, covering all application markets, wireless power technology solutions and power classes.