CES 2024 was full of energy, with everyone excited about the year and there was a thrill among every industry player attending or exhibiting at the show. There was an air of positivity all around. CES 2024 which was held across venues in Las Vegas from January 9th to 12th 2024.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, this was the first full CES as we had participants joining across China, Japan and other Asian markets which was not the case in the last few years. Fully jam-packed. To add, the wide spectrum of content through keynotes, presentations, demos, meetings, and discussion was power-packed, more concrete and backed by key executives (even C-suite) from companies being personally present at their booths and available for meetings with their customers and business partners.

WAWT as always would first like to especially thank Gary Shapiro (President, CTA and CEO, CES) and his team for all the efforts, with splendid commitment and successful delivery of a CES 2024. The whole CTA team (Consumer Technology Association) and the media/press community for presenting a splendid event. More and more participants from the Automotive industry (across its ecosystem) were present in West Hall. We saw many from other technology sectors i.e., mobility (micro/macro), EV charging, auto-tech, connectivity, medical and health tech, fintech, smart home, consumer, and others.

The emerging wireless power technology had a very decent presence with relatively fewer players from the wireless power industry exhibiting this year. In general, one may not get an impression seeing the event floorplan about the extent of work being conducted in developing and promoting wireless power solutions. But referring to the below list of news, launches and announcements, which is still not an exhaustive list, one can realise that there has been still a lot going on in the background in terms of activities across the wireless power technology market, across applications sectors at and around the CES 2024 times. WAWT has attempted to capture as much news and insights on the wireless power market with its full presence at the CES 2024 show and meetings and engaging with industry associates post this key event.

At CES 2024, WAWT witnessed the introduction of new wireless power technology types, new applications adopting wireless power, and more new players across the mobile ecosystem geared to adopt WPC’s recently launched Qi2 industry standard-based solution relevant for smartphones as well as wider mobile devices; dual ‘hybrid’ wireless power solutions; and some great innovative designs and solutions. A mix of industry standard-based as well as proprietary-based solutions was presented. I was glad to see an increase in the level of awareness, engagement, and interest towards wireless power technology.

A summarized version of WAWT’s insight report highlights the trends across the wireless power market based on CES 2024 and segments each news item based on industry sector, application market, company profile, market segments, and wireless power technology type. Kindly note that the below news items are randomly listed and not necessarily in any order or preference. Feel free to contact our subject matter expert, Dinesh Kithany, for more details on each news item, insights, and discussion on the wireless power market.

Mobile ecosystem:


 Mobile accessories:


 Automotive market:

Long ‘Distance’ Wireless Charging:



Industry bodies:




Technical Paper:


 Please note, that the above listings are not a complete list, but a representative of the profile of news and announcements which were made at CES 2024 related to the wireless power technology market. Also, the items listed are not presented in an order or hierarchy.

We would appreciate your feedback on the above report from WAWT covering the CES 2024 event. More news and insights are covered in the subscription-based detailed report. To discuss the latest trends and insights, please feel free to contact our subject matter expert, Dinesh Kithany, Founder and Chief Analyst of Wired and Wireless Technology (WAWT) at dinesh.kithany@wawt.tech or write to us at WAWT.

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