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Introducing Wired & Wireless Technologies Ltd. (WAWT)

We are Thought Leaders in our market industry and our insights add immense values to our clients. Our solutions and our 3i research based approach is used to provide strategic guidance across various wired and wireless technology markets with our extensive market coverage. Our SMEs often operate as Trusted Advisors to our clients and act as Strategic Business Partners to help them maximize their growth and succeed.

What does the 'Blue Lotus' symbolize in the context of WAWT?

WAWT represented by the ‘Blue Lotus’; signifies enlightenment, wisdom and knowledge. Using the same principles we work towards conducting research and analysis in order to unveil actionable and strategic insights. We work towards enabling our clients to bloom in their respective field attaining their business goals

What are the foundational principles of WAWT?

WAWT is a strategic technology analyst firm and research company founded on our core beliefs of providing exceptional, authentic, reliable data and competent knowledge and insights on the latest technology trends and updates.

How do WAWT's research and analysis practices?

User Our thorough research and analysis practises help our clients drive change in their strategies and investments that help them grow and succeed. WAWT was founded by Our Believers (our clients) who are passionate about change and want us to be a part of it. Our SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) have strong knowledge and expertise in their field and they come with a strong research and insights background that help us offer tailormade solutions to our clients appropriate to meet their research and business objectives. Our research solutions are offered by SME having 10+ years of expertise in their respective fields.

About WAWT

Our Mission

Represented by our brand logo, the Blue Lotus flower signifies our mission; to provide enlightenment, wisdom and knowledge, to unveil actionable insights. Let your organization bloom with reliable, high quality and timely data, insights and strategic guidance. Our customers are backed by exceptional service. We are ‘Trusted Advisors’ and ‘Strategic Business Partners’. Our main mission at WAWT is to help our clients to the best of our abilities so that we can watch them grow and succeed

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Our Mission

"To be the Most Trustworthy and Sought- After Analyst Firm in the areas we excel"

Our clients come first, always. We aspire to be the strategic solution provider for all our clients’ questions and needs. All our research data and insights are directed at helping our clients answer their key business questions. The Subject Matter Experts (SME) at WAWT are both reliable and trustworthy in their skills, knowledge and expertise. Our strategic insights and well-researched data and analysis solutions are available for our clients to use and make informed business decisions, so that they can capitalize on all emerging market opportunities and trends. This will only help them achieve their business goals and attain positive outcomes with every decision they make. We are here to help every step along the way.

A Strategic 3i Approach

Helps us to integrate tailormade solutions with our clients specific time based needs


We provide accurate and business critical market data and INFORMation to our clients so they can take INFORMed decisions. Backed by our rigorous and robust research methodology, mining the information your business needs to achieve corporate goals is now a swift process. This approach is used to deliver our basic standardized and syndicated “Research Data and Analysis” solutions. Refer to our ‘Research Data & Analysis’ solution to know more.

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We provide strategic inputs and business INTELLigence specific to our clients’ needs, Strategic business planning and decision-making process is enabled by the knowledge and expertise of our SMEs. We maintain a close watch on market dynamics; assessing the competitive landscape and other critical aspects of the industry across the ecosystem. This approach in cohesion with our ‘Research Data & Analysis’ Solutions, offers our clients direct access to SMEs and our “Intelligence Service” solution. For businesses in need of a custom solution, visit our “Strategic Consultancy” solutions.

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The digital age requires a comprehensive and INTERACTive platform. Engage with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and wider industry to enhance market knowledge, explore marketing and networking opportunities all with WAWT. We aim to build platforms for our clients that are functional and appealing to a wide industry audience. Forming the “Voice of the Industry” is enabled by pushing industry specific events forward (both online and offline). Topic specific webinars, panel discussions and workshops are simple to well execute with our INTERACTive solutions.

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Please contact our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who would recommend appropriate solutions based on your current and future needs

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About Our Founder

 Founder & Chief Analyst
Wireless Power & Power Supplies

Dinesh Kithany

Dinesh, a well established industry expert, offers 27+ years of experience providing high level insights and strategic advice to companies across the technology and consumer markets. Over the past 12 years he has worked across various technology sectors, including wireless power & power supplies.  It’s safe to say, he is passionate about research.

His most recent project; Lead Analyst on wireless power and the power supply industry with Informa/Omdia. He has worked with the wireless power and power supply market gaining expert-level knowledge in the field. He is one of the most sought out analysts in the industry today.

Dinesh has also helped businesses grow at an extraordinary pace with his expertise. He is widely recognized as a key industry thought leader. As a well established presence, he is a regular invitee to key industry conferences, trade shows and events world wide. These include CES, IFA, CABA, ITRI, WPC Conferences, NFC Forum, AirFuel Alliance.

At IHS Markit Technology, Dinesh played the role of lead analyst on the smart home and home appliance market. He also has expertise in other key technology markets covering service robots and drones, wired interface market, smart connectivity, semiconductor market and other consumer electronics markets.

In the past, Dinesh has worked in various global consumer market research, advertising and media agencies. He provides strong strategic advice to companies in respective industries.

He likes travelling and meeting people of various cultures, having moved around and worked in countries across regions including India, Middle East, Africa and UK.

He calls himself a vagabond, loves watching and playing cricket and golf.

He is passionate about research, intuitive by nature, a true entrepreneur with commercial acumen, and an opportunist. With his ‘Can-do attitude he believes “There should never be ‘Plan B’. If so, it should be to make ‘Plan A’ workable”.

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