Wired & Wireless Technologies (WAWT) is the leading technology analyst and strategic consulting firm focussing on the wireless power and power supply industry. WAWT’s power supply market research provides comprehensive data, analysis, and insights on the power supply market, with a focus on AC-DC and DC-DC Converters power supplies as well as the External Power Adapters and Chargers market. WAWT provides the global and regional market size estimation and annual forecast (5 years) split by industry sectors and applications; by region/sub-region; product types and formats; power classes/ratings; along with market share estimates of power supply vendors at global, regional and at application level. From an application perspective, we look at telecom power supply;  industrial power supply; medical power supply; power supply in datacentres; power supplies in LED lighting; power supplies in servers, storage, and networking applications; power supplies in military and civil aerospace applications; and external power adapters and chargers market, including wireless power chargers/transmitters.

WAWT’s most comprehensive research on the power supply industry, delivered through its subscription-based Power Supply Intelligence Service, is designed to help companies across supply-chain to understand the market dynamics and identify the trends to strategize product development and marketing as well as to take the uncertainty out of it. It can benefit multiple industries besides telecommunications, such as the medical equipment and healthcare industry, automotive and transportation, LED lighting, datacentres, industrial, railways, military and aerospace, consumer sector, and more.

What is Power Supply?

The worldwide power supply market is being pushed by increased industrial demand. When it comes to industrial development and usage, the power supply is often utilized to convert AC to DC as well as DC to DC for widespread use. The main purpose of a power supply is to transport and convert electrical energy into a usable and modifiable output. The power supply research market is used to develop the most up-to-date technologies and methods for improving electrical supply flow and quality.

The source of the power can be either wired –  supplied through an electrical outlet or it can be battery-operated as well as wireless too. Some of the most commonly used power supply and energy storage sources include generators, solar power converters, batteries, and other fuel cells. The increase in building and construction activity throughout the world is also pushing increased demand for electricity supplies.

AC-DC market

An AC-DC power supply is a device that takes electricity from a grid and converts it to a one-of-a-kind current, frequency, and voltage. All AC-DC strength supplies have rectifiers built into them and transformers to elevate or decrease voltage tiers wherein necessary. AC-DC energy systems are required to offer electricity to an electrical issue. It gives electricity to a system that is powered by batteries or has no different supply of energy.

IoT technological improvements create opportunities for AC-DC power supply adapters, which help market penetration by giving a much lower power output of only a few watts. access; communication/telecom; transportation; lighting; datacentres (servers, storage, and networking); medical; military and civil aerospace; consumer devices; and other industry sectors are some of the inventive and diverse application fields for AC-DC power supply adapter usage.

DC-DC Converter market

A direct current is an integrated circuit that delivers a consistent and stable power supply to electronic modules. DC power supplies provide several advantages, including reliable power on and off with fewer input difficulties and improved precision in readbacks, which eliminates the requirement for external meters, shunts, relays, and switching adjustments.

One of the primary reasons driving market expansion is the rising need for energy-efficient power supply for consumer electronics, as well as the global trend of industrial (and factory)  automation. Various electronics, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, rely on DC power sources to provide a continuous supply of voltage, easing their demand.

The mature power supply market is going through continuous advancement and technology development. This is led by changes in overall market dynamics, demand across key application markets, geo-political scenarios, shifts in the production landscape, supply chain challenges, market consolidation, increased focus on energy efficiency, and last but not least, focus on product innovations.


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We, at WAWT, provide the most comprehensive coverage and assessment of the power supply market. We focus on data, insights, updated trends, and market intelligence. Our scope and coverage of the power supply market as detailed in the brochure, are briefly highlighted below:

  • Market Estimation: Historic, current, and 5 years annual forecast.
  • Measures: Unit shipments, Revenues, Average Selling Price (ASP$)
  • Segment coverage: AC-DC, DC-DC Converters, External Power Adapters and Chargers, and other key application market segment coverage
  • Application coverage across industry sectors: Access, Communication (Telecom), Industrial, Lighting, Medical, Military & Civil Aerospace, Servers, Storage & Networking, and Commodity market covering mobile devices, computing, and other consumer devices.
  • Other market segments: by geography: package type, power rating/classes, product segments
  • Competitive landscape

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Some of the most widely known and popular industry sectors and applications to use power supply solutions include:

  • The industrial power supply market comprises instruments used in manufacturing, production, factory automation, robotics, test and measurement equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, and transportation (including railways – onboard/on-track) that require power to function.
  • The medical power supply market covers all electronic services, devices, medical equipment, and infrastructure maintenance-related solutions and devices required to operate healthcare facilities, as well as power gadgets that may be utilized to treat patients, at home, in clinics, and hospitals.
  • The telecom power supply industry includes its own set of solutions, wired and wireless technologies, devices, charging stations, and more to strengthen the world’s communication networks, including the 4G/5G base station and related devices.
  • The military and aerospace power supply industry employs wireless technology to power planes, rockets, and missions, as well as to provide wireless communications to satellites.
  • The datacentre power supply sector which consists of servers, storage, and networking devices is also one of the key application markets for power supplies, be it AC-DC or DC-DC converters, UPS aside from other power supply solutions.

Why Choose Us?

At WAWT, our subject matter experts (SMEs) have the right skills and training to provide accurate insights and reports on the power supply industry. It is imperative to understand market trends and forecasts before embarking on new projects, developing future business strategies and goals, and achieving long-term gains for any organization. Since the field is evolving at a steady pace, it becomes even more important to have the most recent data to help enterprises build their business plans for growth.

Our Promise

Our team of professionals at WAWT promises to deliver the most accurate reports and market analysis insights to our clients so that they can get a thorough understanding of the power supply market. WAWT also helps businesses with our customized and tailored solutions that can be used to conduct a thorough competitor analysis of the industry, develop forecasts for the next few years, and assist you with our research to help you build your most data-driven business strategy for power supply research, wireless power research & EV charging infrastructure markets. 

  • The overall AC-DC and DC-DC merchant power supply market is expected to witness steady growth, with varying levels of impact across each application sector.
  • LED Lighting, considered to be one of the largest and fastest-growing application markets, is expected to see more severe competition, with many players exiting this sector or less focussing on low-value/margin markets. This impacts the already thin margins and market worthiness.
  • Datacentres, telecom (5G infrastructure), and medical sectors will witness high levels of activities and growth led by innovation and product development in the coming years. The power supply market is expected to see further consolidation backed by the recent changes in the overall market dynamics. Primarily led by changes in product demand (some led by the COVID-19 pandemic), geo-political issues (trade wars, higher import duties), shift in production and competitive landscape, and other key aspects.
  • Innovation and product development will drive energy and cost-efficiency initiatives.

Please contact our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who would recommend appropriate solutions based on your current and future needs

To know more, contact our Subject Matter Expert (SME) for credible knowledge, expertise, and reach of the market. We have a range of solutions and products to choose from, suitable to all your company’s current and future business needs. Be it market data, insights, market intelligence, latest market trends, competitive analysis, consultancy/ bespoke services, or interactive services which include events, webinars, or workshops. Your options stretch as far as your business objectives and research needs.