A Multitude of Tailormade Solutions to choose from

We have a wide range of syndicated and customized Solutions to choose from.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) use our strategic 3i Approach (to Inform, Intellect, Interact) to recommend a tailor-made solution that integrates with the specific time-based needs of our clients across the value chain.

Considering the specific research and business needs of our clients, both at present and for the future, our SMEs have built fulfilling solutions incorporating:

  • Research Data & Analysis
  • Intelligence Service
  • Strategic Consultancy and Advisory Services
  • Interactive Services – Events, Webinars, Panel Discussions, and Workshops
  • Bespoke Services

Research Data and Analysis

We publish core market Research Data and Analysis in the form of annual topical reports, or more frequent market tracker reports.

Examples of reports

  1. Wireless Power Market Tracker Reports
  2. Wireless Power Application-Specific Reports
  3. Wireless Power Technology-Specific Reports
  4. AC-DC and DC-DC Merchant Power Supply Report
  5. External Power Adapters & Chargers Report
  6. Power Supply Application-Specific Market Reports

These market-specific reports are primarily delivered in Microsoft Excel and PDF file formats.

For more details or sample tables, please contact us

Intelligence Services

Annual subscription to our Intelligence Services provides the most comprehensive data, analysis, insights, business intelligence and coverage of the latest market news, trends and key findings from industry events and trade shows.

More specifically, it includes critical market data, analysis, insights, and intelligence. This also includes regular update on latest market news and trends. More importantly our customers get direct access to connect with our Subject Matter Experts (SME) through the subscription period to discuss the research findings, latest market trends and for broader strategic discussions covering topics such as competitive and production landscape, market share analysis, market drivers and barriers, broad product reviews, and others, as appropriate.

Subscribers to WAWT’s Intelligence Service, through direct contact or our subscriber portal, would get direct access to our market-specific data and analysis (MS Excel), market analysis and insights (PDF), industry-specific key event reports (PDF), direct access with our subject matter expert, analyst insights and blogs on key topics, latest key market news and update published during the year,

Market-specific Intelligence Services are:

  1. Wireless Power Intelligence Service
  2. Power Supply Intelligence Service

For more details or brochure, please contact us.

Strategic Consultancy & Bespoke Services

Strategic Consultancy & Bespoke Services would include but not be limited to covering additional market analysis; competitive analysis; publishing white papers; conducting deep-dive analysis on specific market segments; project assignments; conducting customized research projects; and other bespoke services.

More specifically conducting a critical assessment of the company’s business strategy (our analyst perspective), and providing strategic advice to companies in developing ‘Go-To-Market’ strategies.

For more details on our strategic, advisory, and consultancy services, please contact us.

Interactive services

Our Interactive services range from organizing and conducting events (on-site or digital/virtual); conducting and/or participating in webinars and panel discussions; conducting training workshops, Speaking at key trade shows; industry forums and conferences; conducting industry-specific or client-specific workshops; or a bouquet of these solutions. For more details on our interactive services, please contact us